Whitty Engineering has highly capable team members with extensive experience in project management and
implementation poised to assist your business with engineering solutions and support. Our growing success has
been driven by our philosophy that your project is completed safely, on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.
Whitty engineering recognises that the accomplishment of any project is dependent on the professional management,
planning, skilled labour, tools and equipment allocated to the task and the timely delivery of material and services for
the project.
Utilising the latest project management software and working closely with you the client, throughout the entire project
process, we are well suited to the project management of highly complex site projects and installation works. Whether
it be the installation of equipment designed and manufactured by us or equipment manufactured by others our team
of installation professionals can guarantee the success of your next project.

From small to major installations, some of our completed projects include:

Timberlink Tarpeena
Sawdust high pressure line
2013 Project Value

Timberlink Tarpeena
Sorter bin extension
2014 Project Value

Australian Bluegum Plantation
Screen house extension
2015 Project Value

Australian Bluegum Plantation
Extra truck tipper
2016 Project Value

Carter Holt Harvey - Mt Gambier
Debarker Project
2016 Project Value

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